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Jigsaw Puzzles for Girls Free


All girls like fairies, princesses, flowers, butterflies and other pretty things! This jigsaw puzzle game has nice graphics and music, and the characters include elves, gnomes, fairies, a unicorn and other gorgeous mythical creatures.This logic puzzle game is fun for all ages, and is also educational. It trains brain functions, such as attention, spatial intelligence and imagination. Jigsaw puzzles train perception of the connection between a piece and a whole.
The puzzles have two modes:1. Rotating tiles of the picture to build the whole picture.2. Dragging separate tiles to their correct places to build the picture.
The game has 3 levels of difficulty. Easy level is for girls 4 years old and up while Medium and Hard levels are aimed at girls 6-10 years of age.
We develop logic and educational games for toddlers, small kids, preschoolers and children in elementary school. The games are designed by a professional child psychologist and teacher. Our apps work best on tablets (as their bigger screens are better suited for kids) but also support smartphones with Android.